Message from CEO and President

Yuri Konno


Yuri Konno

Yuri Konno

DIAL SERVICE CO., LTD. will commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2019.
In the 1960’s, when DIAL SERVICE was founded, there were no female entrepreneurs anywhere in Japan. The reason we have survived these turbulent 50 years, in spite of the low survival rate for venture companies, is that our company has fulfilled its social roles responsibly always providing citizens with services adapted to the times.

We launched “Baby Care Hotline” with the single desire to save mothers and their children, because we worried about mental breakdowns resulting from childcare and child murder cases, both of which are a by-product of the trend toward nuclear families. This was the first telephone counseling service in the world. Since then, DIAL SERVICE has continuously created a number of services in response to social needs by continuously incorporating innovations in information technology.

DIAL SERVICE will continue to create new services under our mission to enable individuals, local communities, companies and the government to face each and every problem or issue and solve them with the power of dialogue, to pave the way for a better future.

We value your opinions highly and would love to hear from you.

Profile of Yuri Konno

1969 :
Foundation of DIAL SERVICE CO., LTD.
1979 :
Foundation of Life Science Laboratories, LTD., Inauguration as Director
1987 :
Foundation of Dial Service International Inc. in New York, US
First Japanese member of the Committee of 200 consisting of 200 female corporate executives in the US
1991 :
Director of Japan Association of Corporate Executives (until 2007)
Permanent member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1992 :
President of Women Leaders Forum Japan (WLF)
1993 :
Chairperson of 21st Century Committee
1994 :
Vice Chairperson of New Business Conference
2003 :
Outside Director of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (until 2007)
Vice Chairperson of Japan New Business Conference Associations
2010 :
Special Advisor and Vice Chairperson of Sub-committee on Service and Information Industry of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2012 :
Special Director of New Business Conference
Special Director of Japan New Business Conference Associations
2016 :
Vice President of Japan United Caregivers Association
Advisor of Special Committee of Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2018 :
Executive Director of SNS Counseling Association
Major awards and activities
1985 :
Received the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Award during the Month for Informatization
1992 :
Set a new Japanese record for Marathon Golf (completed 153 holes / 8.5 rounds in one day) Listed in the Guinness Book of Records 1994
1998 :
Awarded “the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World”
2007 :
Awarded “the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon”
2010 :
Keynote speech at the “15th APEC Women Leaders Network Meeting”

CEO of Life Science Laboratories, LTD.

President of Japan Committee for the 21st Century

History of principal public offices
  • “Financial System Council”, Financial Services Agency
  • “Tax Commission”, the government of Japan
  • “Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of Japan Post”, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • “Study Group on Creation of Consumer Goods Industries”, Cabinet Office
  • “Telecommunications Council”, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
  • “Industrial Structure Council”, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Ministry of International Trade and Industry)
  • “Council for Transport Policy”, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Transport Ministry)
  • “Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council” and “Health Sciences Council”, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • “Curriculum Council”, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture)
  • “Central Forest Council”, Forestry Agency
  • “Fisheries Policy Council”, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
  • “Business Gathering”, Development Bank of Japan